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The Investing Edge researches and defines the best cities across the United States and advises clients on purchasing and acquiring properties. Our singular approach to every property is to identify the best investment opportunities based on real data, not what someone or some company wants you to see.

We target markets with strong local economies, then identify the right companies to renovate and manage the properties without client involvement. Our goal is to identify, curate and maximize our clients' equity and cash flow while providing them a clear path for growth and expanding their portfolio without over leveraging your cash flow. .Our mission is having our clients benefit from the best cities in the USA while having the ability to live anywhere in the world.ted

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You will learn what everything you need to know about turnkey investing and see how we approach each property with our extensive review and profitability system.

This will also outline what you need to have to start investing and general plan on how to expand and grow your real estate portfolio.

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10x Prosperity thought of things I would have never done. Their attention to detail and ability to curate everything into one simple dashboard is impeccable.


Louis Redmond, ESP


Jeff B.


We were first introduced to (Kurt Berry) in 2010. It immediately became apparent that we were following a "retirement rich/security poor path." Kurt helped us to see the importance of not only building assets but also protecting those assets. Over the years, we have focused on generating cash flow and financial flexibility to allow us to meet our needs both now and in the future. Without question, our security and financial position are enriched because of Kurt's guidance and recommendations. We can't overstate his and his team's positive impact on our lives.


The training and support we have received from the (10x Team) has been life-changing. Not only is it life-changing for us, but the concepts we have learned allow us to teach and share with our kids and others who are interested. Kurt and Jennifer bring a wealth of knowledge on current best practices and regularly share new concepts to help us continue building out our infinite banking strategy. They go above and beyond to ensure all questions are answered, and concepts are clear before moving in any direction based on the client's pace—a client-focused team. The support has a compounding multiplier for anyone who sticks with them. It's chess, not checkers; they know how to help you learn strategic moves that bring life-altering outcomes. We are thankful for them and encourage anyone considering working with them, and we are confident you will benefit, too!



Dwayne B.


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