Becoming Your Own Banker

Infinite Banking & Currence App


By combining these two tools, automatic savings features, you are in control and can exponentially increase your wealth while leaving a legacy to your family. Watch this video. It will change your life.

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Here's what you will learn

The banks and government don't want you to know this

Infinite Banking Concept (IBC)

Throw everything out about how you view saving money, savings accounts, banks and insurance. IBC is a pathway for true financial independence and make YOU the banker of your own destiny. I'll send you the eBook.

When you combine the power of IBC with purchasing real estate, you can leverage your policy because it's collateralized. Yes, it's all legal and there is no middle man. You are the Banker and you decide how you get paid back.

Currence App

LEAP model

If you have a 401k or IRA that's attached to these current day volatile markets, you will learn how take control and self direct that money to yield better returns.

Once you learn how to put your money in motion, you can have a consistent, 20% average ROI for the rest of your life AND be able to leave a legacy to your family. It's that simple and powerful.

Consistent Predictable Income

A few success stories

We've helped many friends and families. Are you next?

We were first introduced to (Kurt Berry) in 2010. It immediately became apparent that we were following a "retirement rich/security poor path." Kurt helped us to see the importance of not only building assets but also protecting those assets. Over the years, we have focused on generating cash flow and financial flexibility to allow us to meet our needs both now and in the future. Without question, our security and financial position are enriched because of Kurt's guidance and recommendations. We can't overstate his and his team's positive impact on our lives.

Jeff B.

Davenport, IA

The training and support we have received from the Infinite Wealth Team) has been life-changing. Not only is it life-changing for us, but the concepts we have learned allow us to teach and share with our kids and others who are interested. Kurt and Jennifer bring a wealth of knowledge on current best practices and regularly share new concepts to help us continue building out our infinite banking strategy. They go above and beyond to ensure all questions are answered, and concepts are clear before moving in any direction based on the client's pace—a client-focused team. The support has a compounding multiplier for anyone who sticks with them. It's chess, not checkers; they know how to help you learn strategic moves that bring life-altering outcomes. We are thankful for them and encourage anyone considering working with them, and we are confident you will benefit, too!

Dwayne B.

Shreveport, LA

My wife and I have been habitual savers, using traditional investment vehicles to generate a respectable estate. Our interest in building our ideal home was out of reach until we started working with Kurt, Jennifer, and the Infinite Wealth Team. Their innovative approach to managing and growing our financial assets allowed us to fully fund the construction and ongoing mortgage payments with a minimal impact on our retirement income and standard of living. They’re a pleasure to work with and have opened up financial opportunities we had only dreamed of.

Mike K.

NorthRidge, CA


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