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A Word From Clients With Improved Credit


To whom it may concern, If you are on the fence regarding credit repair, I can assure you
that American Credit Repair is the way to go. My wife and I recently purchased our home
and without the team at American Credit Repair it would not have happened.
They worked hard, kept us up to date on everything they did and our closing escrow is
proof that they did their job. Before using Steve and his team we spent a year trying fix
my credit ourselves, with little to no results. They know how to get positive results and
we have our new home to prove it! Thanks to everyone at American Credit Repair!!!!

M.J. Griffin


A friend of mine referred me to American Credit promising me they could do big things with my credit. And big things they delivered! They were able to remove ALL (yes ALL) derogatory items from all three bureaus. My credit score jumped up 81 points to 754. Miraculous! And, they are just about the best people to work with ever. They explained everything clearly and were endlessly helpful. They’re my knights in shining armor. I’m refinancing my house and saving hundreds of dollars every month. I’ve already recommended them to friends and will continue to for a long time to come.

Y.G. – Santa Monica, CA