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Chiropractor Thousand Oaks CA

Experience the latest in technology and sports science to help you heal. Start your journey towards optimal physical performance.

At Complete Performance Center, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your peak physical performance! Our practice is your one-stop-shop for sports medicine, chiropractic care, and athletic training in the heart of Thousand Oaks, CA.

Our Thousand Oaks CA chiropractor and team are here to provide you with excellent care.

Complete Performance Center

At Complete Performance Center, we understand that your body is your most valuable tool. That’s why we use the latest in sports science to help your spine, body, and joints work together seamlessly, ensuring that you achieve your health goals.

About Our Clinic

Chiropractor Thousand Oaks CA

Founded in 2001, our practice has been helping patients achieve their physical goals for over 20 years. Our chiropractic director, Dr. Christian Alvarez, DC, is one of the best and prides himself with on providing individualized patient care. He is routinely sought after to help solve difficult sports medicine cases. His 20 plus years of experience working with professional athletes on the Professional Rodeo Circuit, Panasonic Shockwave Tour, Extreme Games, Dew Tour, and many more, has equipped him with a vast knowlege of how the body works. And he believes that balancing the structure, motion, and function of your body is key to achieving optimal biological and human performance.

Ready to get started? Call (805) 777-7003 today to schedule an appointment and start your journey towards optimal physical performance with Complete Performance Center!

Why Us?

We are the perfect mix of traditional and advanced techniques. Our cutting-edge services focus on sports and practical health and wellness.

Complete Performance Center offers the best care with a comprehensive range of skills and expertise. Our advanced Complete Performance Sports Medicine approach combines traditional and conventional medical techniques to provide a valuable care facility for sports injury, wellness, weight loss, and rehabilitation needs. We also offer comprehensive federal worker’s injury compensation care. Our only goal is to ensure your best health.

I injured my lower back while lifting weights, and I was worried I'd never be able to lift again. But Dr. Chris and the clinic staff were amazing. They worked with me to develop a plan to strengthen my core and lower back muscles, and I was able to gradually work my way back to lifting. I'm now stronger than ever, and I owe it all to Dr. Chris and CPC. Thanks!

- Bill

I've been suffering from chronic back pain for years, but after visiting CPC my pain has significantly decreased. Dr. Chris and his staff are amazing they worked together to create a personalized treatment plan that targeted my specific needs. I'm so grateful for their expertise and dedication to my recovery. I highly recommend!

- Jim

I have been struggling with chronic hip joint pain for years, and I have tried countless treatments including injections, PT, massage with little success. However, after just a few sessions at Complete Performance Center, I started to feel a real difference. Dr. Chris and his staff were able to identify the root cause of my pain and develop a personalized plan to address it.

- Marie

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Richard Dinh

Account Manager

I am Richard Dinh, a finance graduate from the University of Iowa. When Gregg Hancock offered me a chance to work with him, I eagerly accepted to learn from his vast industry experience. Proud to be part of Gregg Hancock State Farm, I’m building a rewarding career in the business I love. Beyond work, I’m passionate about giving back to my community and supporting local causes. In my free time, I enjoy being with family and friends, traveling, and staying active. My commitment is to help customers recover from the unexpected and achieve their dreams.

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Hi there! I’m Aaron Strickland, a 35-year-old father of three. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to explore various roles and expand my skill set. From being a casino host to a certified 911 dispatcher, I have always been eager to learn and grow.

Interestingly, it was my decade-long experience as a magician that tends to capture people’s attention. However, when I first considered a career in insurance, I had my doubts. How could it compare to the excitement of my previous ventures?

But after speaking with Gregg, I was convinced that Gregg Hancock State Farm was the perfect fit for me. As an Account Manager, I have the privilege of helping people and building meaningful relationships, something that has been a consistent thread throughout my professional journey.

This role allows me to leverage my skill set and pursue my passions while providing for my family. I’m grateful to be a part of a team that values personal connection and the opportunity to make a positive impact.

Christy Ransdell

Account Manager

As an Account Manager at Gregg Hancock State Farm my goal is to have you feel like you are working with a friend in the industry! Being a wife, mother and daughter, I have you and your family’s interest true to my heart. Whether it is with your auto insurance, homeowners’ insurance, or life insurance policy I will make sure your coverage is specific to your needs. My passion for helping others can be traced back to my younger days as a child growing up in Iowa. Whether I was volunteering at the local animal shelters or working hard as a student life ambassador in college I have always had the drive to help. I spend my free time with my husband, our 2 children and our 3 dogs. We love to travel, explore the outdoors, and attend music events! You will find me aiding in local events and bringing the community together any chance I get!